Creative School

Hearts for Loving, Hands for Learning


The Creative School is a non-profit school and a ministry of  Walnut Hill United Methodist Church. Educating children in north Dallas for over 50 years, we offer programs for children from 2 years of age through Prekindergarden 4s. We operate on a 9 month calendar, September – May. 


Our morning preschool hours are 9 A.M.  – 12 noon with an optional extended program until 2 pm. We provide a secure and Christian environment that encourages children to learn and grow. 


Our preschool curriculum is developmentally appropriate and addresses all areas of early childhood development including: literacy, math, science, art and fine motor. Enrichment classes include Music and Movement, Spanish, and Library. Our older children also attend a weekly chapel service.  

November 2015

November, 2015

As November begins, one cannot contemplate this month of bounty without envisioning the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.  It is a time to be thankful for all of the gifts with which we have been blessed: loving family, our faith, close friends, and good health.  Thanksgiving brings the gift of time to connect with loved ones, all the while enjoying a gourmet feast.

In keeping with the theme of food and nourishment, I hear from parents who often worry about the amount and type of food their children consume.  Children can be notoriously finicky eaters.  However, as long as you are serving a variety of heathly foods every day, your child will find something on his/her plate to eat. 

As parents, we struggle to ensure our children recieve the best nutrition possible, as we introduce them to different foods and tastes.  Although is it tempting to cater to our children's preferred food choices, it is also important to expose them to new foods that you enjoy.  As a mom, I rotate the "faves" of my son (pizza and hamburgers) with the more nutritious and well-balanced dinners that I prefer. 

Particularly for our Lunch Bunch classes, please make sure that their lunch includes a balance of foods to promote learning, support growth, and provide energy.  At school, we talk about the various colors of food (fruits and vegetables) and eating the "rainbow."  Anything to entice their interest! 

A quick reminder that our school is peanut-free for both snacks and lunches. Although this can cause difficulites for famlies, peanut allergies can be severe for some children.  A peanut allergy may begin at any age.  My son could eat peanut butter before he was 2 years old.  However, over the years, his allergy has intensified with repeated exposure to ingesting peanuts.  We appreciate your help in observing this rule. 

Have a wonderful month!

Lyndel Doran